Free rehabilitation manuals for licensed rehabilitators. Because of major problems with Petag's Esbilac, KMR and other formulas, we no longer recommend them. We recommend Fox Valley. There are other formulas available in pet stores.

Free "Raising Infant Tree Squirrels" manual for rehabbers
324K pdf file, 20 pages, 16 color photos, tables

Free "California Ground Squirrel Rehabilitation" manual
for rehabbers. 214K pdf file, 15 pages, color photos, tables 

Free "Raising infant skunks" manual for rehabbers
179K pdf file, 12 pages, color photos, tables 

Raccoon Rehabilitation manual by JoLynn Taylor,
October 10, 2008 version. 47 pages, pdf document,

Opossum Rehabilitation manual
12 pages, pdf document, Paula Taylor, Opossum Society of the United States

Bobcat Rehabilitation
Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center 5 pages, pdf document, (You do not have to dress up in a bobcat costume and smear feces and urine on yourself. Forget that part. I didn't write this manual)

Armadillo Rehabilitation

Armadillo Rehabilitation

Eastern cottontail rehabilitation 48 pages, pdf document, Elaine Long

Flying squirrel manual by Nonda Surratt Flying squirrel manual page 4-6

Fawn Rehabilitation
Fawn Rehabilitation Manual for California, 5 pages, pdf document

Jack Rabbit Rehabilitation
20 pages, pdf document

Bat Rehabilitation.
California Bat Conservation Fund Bat Rehabilitation Protocol, 11 pages, 115K pdf file.
Bat rehabilitation manual

Coyote Rehabilitation
Fund for Animals, Chuck Traisi
Coyote Rehabilitation Manual

Sparrow, Starling rehabilitation manual
Wildlife Hotline 10 pg pdf
Sparrow, Starling Rehabilitation Manual

Wildlife rehabilitation cages 
(Fish & Game regulation size for weaned squirrels in California is 4' x 6' x 6'. The best place to find them is used on Search for aviary or walkin cage.

Squirrel rehabilitation supplies 

Squirrel rehabilitation manuals
I recommend PC Hanes "Injury and illness in tree squirrels

Minimum standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation (pdf file)